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Video Headend Solutions

The Video Headend is the point in the network which linear (e.g., broadcast TV) and on-demand (e.g., movies) content is captured and formatted for distribution over the a network. The headend ingests national feeds of linear programming via satellite either directly from the broadcaster or programmer or via an aggregator. The Headend takes each individual channel and allows the operator the option to use RF or encode it into digital video format, like Mpeg 2 or Mpeg 4, for both standard (SD) and high definition (HD) television signals. This digital video formatted content is then ingested into a Quam or IP network for delivery. While Fidelity does not provide content as part of its integrated solutions, we do work with aggregators and affiliate rights providers that complement our technical solutions in efforts to provide a complete and integrated delivery service.

Fidelity Headend solutions help service providers:

Fidelity Headend solutions are based on offering Service Providers best-in-breed technology and system solutions that fit their market needs. With Fidelity solutions, providers can maximize their capabilities, speed their time to market, make informative decisions and be confident in a successful new service launch and ongoing service.

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